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According to an article by Sabrina Barr that appeared in the Independent - Paint can impact your mood ! and the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Melbourne has proved it. This is not the only study to conclude how your painted environment affects your mood. So maybe now is the time to let the exterior of your home “smile” at you and the whole street. 

You would be amazed at how - no matter the years of neglect - careful focused attention & good old fashioned elbow grease can make even the most dilapidated exteriors shine as good as new. Windows, masonry bays & sills, porches & porticos, metal works, windows, doors, facia, soffit boards, gates & fences etc all can be lovingly refreshed. 

The key to superior decorating is preparation, with decades of experience under our belts we never take “ short cuts “ but rather diligently work to create the perfect surfaces on which the paint or stain can be applied. 

So wether ceilings with original ornate cornice detail, walls , sash windows or staircases with balustrades & hand rails that have seen better days. Doors, surrounds & loft hatches marred with finger prints or a beautiful cast iron fire place crying out for a new lick of paint. Trust us to restore that wow factor to your home’s interior. 

Without doubt wallpapering has seen an all conquering resurgence in recent years. One aspect I believe can be attributed to its appeal is there being no particular overriding trend - but a virtual inexhaustible variety of designs, textures & materials. This gives everyone the opportunity to express their personality, style or quirkiness on a wall or entire room with a modern or retro wallpaper design. 

We strip off old paper & can apply any type of wallpaper you purchase using traditional professional methods and the very best quality pastes, sealants & adhesives. 

We have been working with business owners, shop holders & landlords for years. Providing a fast, reliable and trusted - out of hours “ no fuss “ service. Contact us now for an estimate. 

Water leaks & staining are common everyday occurrences that easily damage the plasterboards which are used to build most partition walls & ceilings inside homes. We can either repair the damage, apply a stain block & repaint the surface or takedown and replace the entire board depending on the severity of the damage.

The fitting of cornices, picture or dado rails can completely transform the aesthetic of a space. In recent years we have definitely witnessed an upward trend towards them amongst some of our clients. We will advise you all the way - measuring & purchasing them on your behalf. Does your room look too bland? consider giving it character with the strategic application of one of these popular decorative details. 

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